Absolute Mayhem
2001-10-04 03:29:23 (UTC)

cloud 9

well well well...all is fine here on cloud 9!! ;-) adam and
i are pretty much going out... as of like saturday nite at
my aunts bonfire in el paso. that was so much fun. we talk
all the time on the fone now and drive my rents up a wall!!
lol. and everyday afterschool....well almost every
day....we go on an adventure we went to
schnucks....and we went to the commons today..and now
tomorrow we are going to go hang out outside on the grassy
hill. ;-) sigh. thatll be nice to get some quiet time
together. we are doin something this weekend too. hey
allie, how much does julia like adam? she's mentioned him
to me a few times..but nothin like shes obsessed. anyway,
just wondering. well our vball is 9-1..or is it 8-1.
anyway. we kick some tail feather...kinda. we could so play
alot better. i want my spot back on first string. so im
going to have to "get a fire in my ass" as miss white says.
lol. ;-) well... lets see..i think im failing history..ill
find out tomorrow after lunch..lunch!! I get to eat lunch
with adam and all the freshman tomorrow/ yay! im so giddy
happy! lol. it will be nice. no clue where im sitting
though g2g get my beauty sleep. peace, luv, and chinese
chopstix- jess