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2001-10-04 03:15:33 (UTC)

why dont peopple think the way they should

my mom smokes. she has always told me not to. and i havent.
i havent done any drugs or drank or smoked in my life and i
havent ever wanted to. i am against it totaly. and being
around those kinda people make me un comfortable. and it is
the same thing with my mom. she wounders why i dont talk to
her and why i dont spend time with her and told her today
that it was cause of her smoking and she got mad at me. i
dont know why parents just have to be that way. you speek
you opinion and they get mad at you. i kinda bugs me. well
anyways she said today that soon she'll die and i wont have
to smell the smoke and that kinda made me sad. i dont want
my mom to die. i know it is going to happen someday but i
dont think that way. but the way she said it wa slike she
wanted to just drop me off in the middle of nowhere and
just leave me there. well yea. i wish that things werent
the way they are. i wish that things in life were just
perfect and there were no problem and that everything was
just ok in a nice kinda way. i am tired. im tired of
eveything just going wrong no-matter how hard you try. its
all going to go wrong at some point in time and you cant
really stop it. its just like the law of all time. nothings
perfect but in out eyes there are perfect things. that all
for now. i need a new topic. send me a message if you have
thought of one. thank you. bye bye