Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-04 03:06:10 (UTC)

On Another Note...

I just finished talking to Katie on MSN. We were talking
about volleyball, and that being her passion, and band
being mine, and I told her I love playing volleyball for
fun alot more than I did for serious reasons, and the last
thing she said to me was:

"you shouldn't feel it [pressure]. coach thinks you're
good enough."

I had told her I like playing without all of the pressure,
and she said that. Like she meant coach thought I was good
enough, but she didn't, or coach did, and she did, but no
one else did, or what. It wouldn't seem like such an
important thing to most people, but knowing Katie, and
having participated in our conversation, there's some
meaning lurking in there. And as soon as I find it, the
happier I will be... wait. I won't be immensly happy until
volleyball's over.

"Release the bass and the music that will make you jump"