Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-10-04 03:03:34 (UTC)


spork, spork, loveable sporks, they're half a spoon, with a
little fork, if you ever need a spoon, and a fork, just
reach for a spork, spork, spork...

yeah, darren and i talk, before we were going out about
sporks, i cant remember exactly what was said, but i love
sporks, they are so universal! i mean, can eat yogurt, and
then tacos, and then ice cream. they are just so great, and
sharp and cool, but anyways, he said this morning he had a
present for me, and he handed me a spork with tape on the
handle, and it was all painted, except for the acctually
spork part, ya know, and it had my name on it, and it was
spelled right... isnt that great? i felt so special :)

anyways, adam and emily are getting closer, i am so happy
for them, they are so cute together! I am happy for them. I
hope i can have a great relationship, and i think i just
might with darren, i really like him, and i hope he feels
the same way about me.

we talked about my stupid chipmunk cheeks today, i hate
then but he finds them soft and cute, and "a gift", yeah,
right, gift from satan, and not the beth-satan, the acctual
mythical creature satan.

yeah well i am going to get going but i do want to tell
ryan, fish nets, a hippie skirt, a shirt that says "beth is
my bestest friend" and some nice spiked heels! love yas!