Reality Bites
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2001-10-04 02:50:37 (UTC)

Smoochies & Algebra fun

Hey! My day was eh today, you know what I mean, like when I
got home from school I was like WOW! what a good day! but
then after that things kinda turned to shit.
In the morning, I got to school RIGHT on time, and choir
was BAD. Thats all i have to say about that, 2nd was HELLA
funny, 3rd was boring I took a 25 min bathroom break tho
and visited people in study hall, hehe. ALG was SO fun!!!
Jesse=hottie and a half! We were talking and stuff, we have
the same sense of humor. Luv him SO MUCH!. Ok then 6th was
good, and 7th was ok it was bio and I was like AHH! Me and
Kelly have SO much fun! We're lab parteners and we like
have no fucking clue what to do...its loads! Oh and Cory
was hella flirting with me cause he sits at the table next
to me. Oh that was fun too! Durring lunch I was talking to
Alyss in the hall and HOT SENIOR CHRIS was across the hall
w/ his friends and he kept looking and smiling at me! I was
like AHHH! HOTT! hehe. I think a bunch of us are hanging
out this weekend! niccce! The bus was fun today, I luv
Jeremy and Andy! they're SUCH smoochies!!! lol and then I
got home and my sister gave me all this shit and that kinda
ruined it...oh well, I got TONS of hw..I'll write later~-

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