Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-10-04 02:48:37 (UTC)


I certainly seem to have an affinity for illnesses this
year; once again, I find myself feeling.... icky. But
since I can't afford to be out of comission right now, I
shall follow my best professional advice: "Ignore it, and
it will go away."
I really should be doing homework, but for some reason, I
can almost never make myself do homework at home... I can't
concentrate, I get distracted so easily (I seriosly have
the attention span of an ADHD three year old on crack), and
even worse, a lot of times I never start. Which leaves me
very stressed during the day, trying to do several hours
worth of homework in the odd bits of time that I have
between or during class periods. It's almost like I'm
challenging myself, but I don't know why. I've got 2 pages
of memorization for acting, coloring for anatomy, physics
problems, the thesis paragraph of my HOD essay, and
calculus homework to do, and yet it's 10:45, and I still
haven't started on any of them, and somehow I must complete
them all during the 7 hour school day tomorrow. I have no
idea why I keep doing this to myself, but for some reason,
I really can't help it.