Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-04 02:47:07 (UTC)

Dung Flingin' Fun

Today in volleyball, as my usual string of curses came
flying out at about 3:30, one odd word slipped in.
I'm not sure why, but that kinda became my "word of the
day" and all of a sudden, I really lived up to my title
as "Dorky" and in "Dorky and Dorkier". Elizabeth and I
decided to call ourselves that. I came up with it, but in
typical EBeth fashion, she went with it!
Other than that, we had a very, um, odd band practice
today. We found that our "banner boys" were
actually "banner boy and banner girl". Jocelyn told Amanda
Hawkins to go fuck a tree. The metal bar on the bottom of
the "S-O JH Marching Band" came up and smacked the banner
boy in the wind. Our gold poles our at last weighted,
which caused me to whack MYSELF with it doing helicopters.
Jocelyn told Abby Lammers to shut the fuck up. All in all,
*very* productive.
We as flags aren't together and look like shit. No one
will follow Jocelyn and I, and I'm almost scared of our
field shows. Hardly anyone except Jocelyn and I give a
shit what we look like.
Kari might have AIDS. An EIGHTH grader, AIDS. That comes
from all that fucking Tyler, and once in an ALLEY, where
they were subsequently seen by our volleyball coaches
WIFE! And everyone says small town life can't be
interesting. Including me. I see the error of my thoughts.
I've started working on my new site, seeing as I
accidentally deleted my old one using my FTP. Whoopsies!

is my address, but as of now there's absolutely nothing
there except a welcome message, and two links that don't
work. yippies. needs a lot of work, which is gonna take
time, which i'm short of now. dang diggety, and people
actually KNOW about it, and I expect anyday to hear from
Spencer, who will claim Brandon WAS lying for me when he
said I was good at HTML. I can hardly wait.

"In my race against time..."

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