sokker midget

2001-10-04 02:47:06 (UTC)

Giving blood isn't that bad

today was the day that the blood mobile came to get blood.
i gave blood, and at first i thought it was going to be
scary because it was my first time, but it wasn't scary.
and it didn't really hurt, the only thing that hurt was
when they stuck the niddle in(which the niddle looks like a
huge nail). alot of my friends gave blood today too, and a
few of them passed out. one of the guys at my school name
chad bailey got white as a ghost, he almost fainted in the
chair. today was pretty easy because all the teachers were
taking it easy on the students who gave blood, which i
enjoyed very much. And Tiffani if you read this i hope you
get to feeling better, and Sarah if you read this i hope
your fingers stop swelling soon. well gotta go