2001-10-04 02:21:34 (UTC)

Home Comforts

The events of September 11 have left me seeking stability,
order, and comfort in my life. Doing simple and homey things
help. Cooking and baking, quilting and reading all help.

Home is the best place to be. I don't feel comfortable
traveling or shopping in a large crowd. Finding an island of
tranquility in a sea of stress helps to nurture the spirit.
Making special things for my family is a part of that. I fix
little treats to eat and put out things which are
whimsical or endearing or beautiful or remind us of happy
times. I can't control the world but I can control my own
little space.

The weather forecast now is for much cooler weather by the
week-end so I may finally get my wish for autumn.
I found out this afternoon that the high school principal
has been fired. Apparently he was spending money and quite
a bit of it too without permission of the school board. He
was warned several times to stop but ignored the board.
This is what I've heard anyway. Rumors abound. I also heard
he never even got around to signing his contract this year so
the board won't have to pay him for the remainder of the year.

Since Jack began first grade we've been through at least six principals
at each of the two schools and about as many
superintendents. The only ones who have any sense of history
of the place, besides the few teachers who've stayed here
for most of their professional lives, are the parents. I'll
be glad when I don't have to deal with this stuff any
longer. It's certainly not something I'll miss.