U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2001-10-04 02:01:08 (UTC)


OMG I am in luv with my P.E. teacher, he is soo freaking
hott!!!!!!!! just one prob. he's 9 years older than
me...... my friends always tease me about, and since he's
the fottball coach all my guy friends tease me ( my 3 best
guy friends are the team captins) but anyway he teases me
so he knows I'm drooling over him, so he stares
at me ,adn basicly watches me melt, it's horrible. he'l
like come up behind me and like say hey meaghan in this
voice, I dunno but it makes me sweat lot,lol. but today I
was hyper and i don't know why, but i hit his ass, yep I
smaked his behind. ok heres the story. I was walking to my
locker with my friend emma, when i saw him standing with my
other Porter (other PE teacher) holtrey(other PE teacher)
and the school nurse. You know how foot ball players stand.
With their feet kinda spread like shoulder width and their
hands behind there back, he was stangin like that and I was
walking by him, he sorta half smiled at me, but I didn't
look back but right as I passed him, i swung my track bag
and hit him pretty deliberatly on his nice muscualr ass, it
was great. but i did it only so he and I would notice. He
didn;t even turn around, but i saw the expression on his
face, he had this big grin, it was hilarious. He didn;t
mention it the next time I talked to him, but still.Then
today when I was chillin in the cafiteria w/ megan &
caitlin he walked by (one wall is all windows)and as he
walked by he looked at me the whole time, i knew he was
looking, megan leaned over and was like "he teases you,
look at him" I said I know, but anyway what the hell he's
23, this won't be my first "relationship" with an older
guy,lol but anyway ttyl

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