2001-10-04 01:37:22 (UTC)

yo yo yo!?

Sup all? not much here. omg im soo worn out lately... i can
barely move around and keep awake. well our JV team won its
homecoming (all though no one here really cared but the
guys on the team) we had an awesome game. we kicked soo
much ass! it was the greatest. i had a great defensive
game.. i rocked some asses world when he tried to block me
i knocked him on his ass it was hilarious..i bent down and
laughed in his face! lol. well marissa i really miss you. i
need to talk to you!

lol i'm listening to "Cause i got high" by afro man. its

Peace out. Send me your thoughts concerns, or if you just
wanna chat, holla at me.

See ya!