All in the Night
2001-10-04 01:36:37 (UTC)

Giving blood=pain

OMG, i gave blood today for the first time ever. Lol i was
so scared that my blood pressure was like 138/88....it's
usually like 90 something over 70....ok but anyways, i
thought i was gonna cry, but it was ok. It took forever for
me to actually quit bleeding though! It really hurts
too!!!! I mean yeah, i think i was starting to feel the
after-shock at like 5 this afternoon, i got soooo tired!
But anyways ME and sarah and cj and casey and amanda went
to the college fair at the mall today....we all got
seperated as usual. Umm...lol, we went to goodwill too.
Sarah got a thing for her halloween outfit and i got
something for my presentation in Clary's class on friday.
Ummm...but anyways, i'm kinda tired so this is all for one