Still Straight
2001-10-04 01:34:58 (UTC)


So I thought it was pretty funny that I just ended my last
entry. So today was basically a pretty boring day. I had
classes, acting practice, no play practice tonight, but
tomorrow I get to have it!! Alright! I have 5 classes on
Wednesdays, Starting with COmmunications and ending with
Sociology, which is unbelieveably boring and then man is
such a non-teacher. All he does is read from the book, and
teaching requires so much more work than that. I am a
sophomore in college, I can read effectively myself, thank
I really don't know whether to keep doing this or not, I
have no idea if people will ever read this. I guess I am
just glad to have soething extra to do. I am all about
being busy. If I don't stay busy, I tend to get into
trouble, with myself, or other people. It really is never
a good thing. Blah blah blah...exciting, huh?
So there is this girl that I am great friends with that I
am totally wishing I could just start to officially date or
whatever (I say at risk of cheapening the relationship.) I
just think she is awesome and that I would totally love to
be hers, so to speak. However, life is never that easy for
me. Throw in the fact that I am very flirty and touchy to
everyone but people I like, and I tend to gravitate towards
both sexual persuaisons...It really isn't a choice, more of
a feeling I can't get rid of. But more of that later. So
I totally like this girl, she is great, and i think she
likes me, but I can't really tell if it is just because we
are such awesome friends or if it is because she actually
sees me as something more. But, oh well. I got to go.