Sullen Girl

A Bird Upon the Wind
2001-10-04 01:31:04 (UTC)


I will make this entry short and brief, or try to anyway. I
saw my therapist for the first time today,he's alright.
Kind of loopy. My doctor prescribed me Prozac today. I
start taking it tomorrow... I am not sure how I feel about
it yet. I mean I want to get better, but I feel like the
girl in Drop Dead Fred(the movie, have you seen it?). Where
her mom wants her to take the medicine and see a shrink so
she wont have an imaginary fiend anymore, and Drop Dead Fred
(i.e.Keith) doesnt want her to take the medicine because it
will make her forget him. I mean, I know we have problems,
but I dont feel ready to forget him. I dont feel prepared
to have him out of my life, and I know he wishes he was
more important in my life(relationship wise). So I feel
like each pill is going to erase what we have. Scary
stuff.Well, now I have to go hang with my poor kitty
because he has been home in the basement all day by himself
and he needs someone to play with and give him love.
Goodnight moon.