nothin left to say
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2001-03-01 23:04:53 (UTC)

yo im juss completely bored but..

yo im juss completely bored but im supposed 2 be studyin. i
just got home from baseball tryouts Day 1. it wasnt so bad.
they made us do some stuff outside in the fuckin cold, but
it wasnt that bad. my fuckin muslces are all sore from
somethin, and they better get better. all the coaches know
me and like me and im good, but i gotta make a good showin
here. i really dont care if i make jv, but u know, i juss
wanna see how far i can go. our freshmen teams stacked this
year too. but u prolly dont really care about any of this.
the high school i was supposed 2 go 2 this year is havin
there freshmen formal tommorow. i WAS supposed 2 go
w/someone but hmmm that never seemed to happen. then emily
trys to set me up w/that ugly ass girl. i said no so im
prolly juss gonna be home or maybe out. who knows. it
sucks. what can u do tho u know so later