what happened?
2001-10-04 00:36:14 (UTC)

Hey my darling

Well, today I ordered the rate plan from Voicestream and
got a new cellphone. It is the Ericsson T28W. It is
actually my laogong's favorite cellphone, I got it because
it was really cheap. It was only 29.99 after rebate of
course, but better than nothing. Now note the special
thing about this order is it was done all online. Of
course for all of us that online shopping becomes a natural
thing. It still is a wonder. I mean I didn't have to go
anywhere and it was so easy. Truly that is "shopping in
your underwear." Of course there are the disadvantages and
advantages to everything, but so far like it either way.
Nothing is perfect and that's why it's so perfect ^_^. I
enjoyed ordering it online quite a lot. I can't wait to
tell my laogong that I'm going to get a new cellphone
number. It will be great ^_^.

Well I'm feeling a bit tired so I'm gonna stop typing for

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