CrAzY LiFe!!
2001-10-04 00:35:11 (UTC)

A lot has happened since I last..

A lot has happened since I last wrote and Mark broke
up I just couldn't stand being with him any longer even
though he is such a great guy! he really is....hes just not
like me! If u know what I mean! But anyways He was writing a
sing today about this guy that misses this girl because she
dumped him or something and wants him 2 come back to him...I
dunno I have a bad feeling it mught be about me...I hope
not! But if he ever got famous and I heard the song on the
radio or somthing then I could be like hey that song id
about me! It will be cool but any who I think thats all I'm
gunna write since I'm at the Library my computer at home
broke down so I dunno when I'll write again...later!