shell's life
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2001-10-04 00:25:14 (UTC)

another bad day

geeez. does it ever end? got up this moring and knew it was
gonna be a bad day. first of all didn't get very much
sleep. that didn't make the school day very good. got out
of school and everything was koo for awhile. then i get
home. my aunt, uncle, and great grandma are here, they
don't like ma and you know how that goes. then derrick is
on punishment. so he can't talk to me. my sister's ex is
being a asshole. my brandon can't get a girl. some huy in
the neighborhood hit me in the coochy with a basket ball
the other day and i still need to kick his ass. and the
worst is that me and derrick are still aregueing. he wrote
me another letter. this is what it said:

babe say what u want to u want to know where ur comeing
from ...
and no im not hugging back well im not going to lie to u
babe some
times but
not all the time... and i will now when they go to hang on
me or do
that shit
i will tell them not to u dont like it is that ok with u
babe and
its not
that i like them its that i like peeps to like me but just
as a friend
i want u to know that i like u more than i do any other
gurl in the
school i
think that some of them are pretty not that u care but u
arent like
other gurls i like the other gurls bbut i love u
well babe i got to go im still on punishment and i realy
dont know
how long
i am on

u babe realy do..

i aint even gonna say anything to him cua i know if i do
then i will break us up and i really don't want that to
happen. well ima go now.

my love to all

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