my name?

my boring life
2001-10-04 00:07:36 (UTC)

me and sam are stupid

OK me and sam are sooo stupid, we went on this trail in the
woods and it came to a clearing so we sat down for a while
to chill and shit like that. We get up and start going back
home...well we cant find the trail again so we keep walking
straight next thing we know we are in the middle of the
woods LOST...totally lost... so we continue walking
straight through bushes trees bugs and everything else,
then we came to this swamp thing and on the other side of
the swamp was a road ...problem is the only way to get to
the road was to go through the swamp...:*( ....well we did
it .. the swamp sarted off about maybe half a foot deep but
when we were in the middle it was up to my sholders ewww we
were sooo gross by the time we got out we smelled like shit
litrally and we were soked in shit mudd gross plants bugs
everything so we walked up to the one was
there so me and sam started walking down the the
frist house to figure out where we were and to use the
phone...turns out were in winsted practically, sams mom
came and rescued us and brought us home to the showers
thank god...

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