"My Wonderful Life"
2001-10-04 00:01:18 (UTC)

Third day of sprit week PJ DAY

Today was Pj day and it was very comfortable for me. Today
wasnt all thaat bad but it could have been better. I was
just bored in second even though we done this post board
drawing thing i did pretty good on mine.People were also
giving blood at my school all day long. Tiffani I dont
thiink she liked it very much when i see her she told me it
hurt sorry:( that it was a big needle thikng they put in.
She had a mean person that took her blood. Wouldnt even
let her look away that is to mean right there. She was
normal today From my view. I would talk to her or look at
her and she made the cutest smile at me she done it about 4
or 5 times and it was cute every time she done it:) So
band was pretty fun. Practice was ok i had a alot of
laughs cuz coach brewer always make me laugh. Oh yeah,
Tomorrow is Twin day and Matt is going to be my twin. I
was like were already brother so why not. So we are going
to dress alike tomorrow so that will be kool. Today wasnt a blow out
but my fav. part was band. well i'm out.#3