abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-10-03 23:35:43 (UTC)


i dont have anything to say.... to anyone. about anything.

all i do is look now, i hardly ever socialize anymore i'm
so sick of it... i didn't even talk to ed today i dotn
think cuz sabrina was by him and i ddin't wanna go scarin
her away or anything.... well, i talked to him before 1st
period but its so weird between us now... cant explain it

....i bought him a birthday card

right now everyone is at dinner and i decided not to go cuz
our family isn't a family, and we'd just get into a big
argument and like, trash talk under our breayhs about
eachother... i dono, i never do but it pisses me off to
watch everyone be assholes to eachother

i think i'm goin to adam's on saturday and sleepign
there... shawn convinced me to go, but i wont have fun