Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2001-10-03 23:19:08 (UTC)

Just Another Thought

So, I have finally had some time to let this situation
all sink in. And, the strange part of it all is that it
really isn't bothering me as muc has I thought it would. I
have finally realized that the only person I can control is
myself. Tonight I am going to go out with my mom to Wal-
Mart or someplace and get some diet pills and some
laxitives. I also want to get my grades up. I know I have
the ability to make really good grades so I am going to. I
won't let my family matter as much to me anymore because
what is the point....once my dad finds out about this whole
thing I won't even want to be in the state of Georgia! I
know he is going to be so angry....not only with my mom but
also with me! I just know it. I really want to go visit
Blair so that I am insured someplace to go. Right now I
feel as if I am a vagabond. I don't know where I will be
and when...this makes me feel very uncomfortable! I hope
that one day I will get my life straightened out.