2001-10-03 22:53:05 (UTC)

basic recap of my summer

spring break 2001- Road Trip to Miami FL w jared n eric
7/10/01- my 19th birthday went to nyc w/a few good friends,
rents got me a mini elph camera
7/11/01-vals 19th, andys 21st. went out to dinner, nyc- top
of the empire state build, ride in a horse n carriage
7/13/01-RBF, Goldfinger electric factory Philly
7/14/15/01- party @ steves in muncy PA
7/16/01- same show RBF/GF...convention hall Asbury PK
7/21/01- SUCKFEST in PA
7/22/01- birthday pool bbq party @ my house 4 me n val -
after party at dave n claudia cause their parents were in
portugal 4 the week, i threw up on the cabbage!
7/24/01- chilled on alex's roof n watched heather spin
fire! while we sang n danced!charlie called me outta
7/25/01- Porklips 18th birthday
7/26/01- went to TGI fridays 4 daves birthday dinner
7/28/01- paid for my first case of beer lol *smirnoff*
7/29/01- saw a bad accident in bayonne between an s2000 n
civic while watching the races
7/30/01-went to cape may for almost the whole week
8/06/01- my favorite holiday! THE VANS WARPED TOUR!
8/12/01- the rents left me home alone for the first time in
my whole life, so i had a GATHERING! haha it was nutz!
8/13/01- OZZFEST pnc bank
8/14/01- died my hair pillerbox red
8/17/01- saw TAG @ the cove.. :( the last cove show i'll
ever go to cause some one bought out the building and there
8/19/01- got my hair cornrowed. went to the newport
pavonia,great view of the twin towers, explored, and sang
on this rock over the bay while the others tried to climb
this flimsy tower thing.
8/20/02- after this point im no longer allowed to hang out
with jared
8/22/01- Osmosis 20th BURFday!
8/23/01- Alinas 18th birthday, rents 26th anniv.
8/24/01- went to dinner @ bennigans 4 munkys birthday
8/25/01- saw summer catch in the JG mall
8/26/01- saw naked underneath n jaime! @ the drummers
brothers house in kenilworth. Rics BBQ
8/27/01- up to weehawken
8/28/01- had a craving 4 a cheesesteak so picked up adam in
swedesboro w christa, and went to PHILLY! got a cool rubber
spikey bracelet to! robbed a peach field n shot pool b4
cummin home.
9/03/01- went to nyc w UJ 2 see this indie flick- ghostTown
9/04/01 Ren, Christa, AD n Joe's END OF THE SUMMER
ADVENTURE!!! down to swedesboro, then all the way to
maryland! OCEAN CITY that is, where we walked around
chilled and racked up a $112.00 bill between the 4 of us at
this seafood buffet- PHILLIPS. went in the ocean half naked
@ sundown ate salt water taffy, and explored a 17/1800's
grave yard!
9/05/01- Ren goes to college. haha UCC- the college of
knowlege BLAH
9/08/01- went to devils tree w jorge n scott
9/11/01- ok dont we all know by now
9/14/15/01 Adrok now know as Consuelo Gonzalez-Negroponte
aka UncleDAD, came up for the weekend! i
showed hima good ol north jersey time! we showed out
patriotism, went to the washington lookout, rivs, devils
tree, blazed no doubt inna lex! stos n my jcuzi. next
morning to JGM i got a cute outfit n after he left went
clubbin with the girlies @ abyss n late late to stos's
9/19/01- went all the way down to belmar @ midnite w/claud,
cl0, joe n julio. swimmin in our underwear! "i lost my sea
shell guys!"
9/21/22/01- out to dinner w the rents @ seabra's..shades
apart w new direction BIRCH HILL then met up with peeps at
340 bar and kareoked!... played basketball n actually ran a
bit 4 the first time since my surgery! Rui plowed me- no ur
not forgiven lol jk!
9/28/01- went to see aerosmith in camden w/ad! thiefed a
butternut squash field!
9/29/30/31/01- alexus with the rents, chilled @ jorns,
rivs, kareoke again!...pigtail mafia, rivs.. aunt k's bday

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