Scenes from a Marriage
2001-10-03 22:09:07 (UTC)

Wednesday, October 3rd

I decided it was time for me to make decisions based on
what I want in life---and I did not want to raise that
child. I have made peace with the fact I will not have
more children and my son is at the age where he is fun, he
can carry on conversations, I don't have to haul a diaper
bag around, or deal with the terrible 2's. I decided if
hubby could not accept that then that was HIS problem and I
would go on without him. I just did not see why I should
put myself through any of it if he was not committed to
doing it on his own if I was not around. Seemed that it
would just complicate things more. So the attorney is
going to take care of the support issue and hubby will have
to pay for his actions for the next 18 years. It will
impact my life and son's life, by lessening his income and
if it becomes too much of a factor I will see my way out of
things. I feel now like I have choices, that I am not
going to be burdened with his mistake starring me in the
face everyday.

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