The Thoughts Of Me
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2001-10-03 22:06:26 (UTC)

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HELLO! i should have written yesterday. i would have
brought smiles to your upsettingly miserable faces.. oh
dont lie.. you werent smiling when you read that were you..
see i knew it. but i will write now even though im not
hyper and its not the same thats ok.
nothing interesting at all happened to me today. though i
did learn that ihop stands for internation house of
pancakes. and i beat up on michael some. thats always
thoroughly amusing.. hes so easy to pick on.
this is my last day at my dads til sunday and then im here
for an entire week. someone will die. i just hope its not
my grandmother is out of town now.. MAD PARTY AT ARINS
HOUSE! ok not really but its the thought that counts
right? well im THINKING about giving you lots and lots of
money and stuff does that count?
BAD thing about today: stupid oral test
GOOD thing about today: i got the stupid oral test over with

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