What are you, some kind of Adrien?
2001-10-03 21:54:17 (UTC)

New Entry..

I found out where Jonathan lives. For a while I was
seriously considering just, going up to his house and
knocking on his door, but I'd rather not give him this
creepy first impression of myself. However, he also knows
where I live. *shrug* Maybe I will meet him after all.

So the Biology field trip wasn't THAT bad. I got to go with
Glenda, and we got to hang out and talk and stuff. Yay for
that, or something. But we do have to do a report on it.

Because of that field trip I only got to talk to "Taylor"
for 15 minutes, instead of the 30 I normally do. Oh well.
It's best I get him in small doses....erm...or something
like that. He still has that pin on his bookbag. I hope he
doesn't think I'm creepy for giving him a present randomly.
*shrug* If he asks, I'll say it was Annie's idea.

Speaking of Annie, she wants me to write her a plane
letter, as she's taking the plane to PEI on Friday. I
wonder what I'll say? In fact, I should go work on that

Notice how all my entries have been getting slowly shorter
and shorter? Weird, eh?

*cuts off here*