2001-10-03 21:49:45 (UTC)

My Very First Entry!!!

Dear Chelle,

Well, I found out about this site a few weeks ago, but
then I put off starting a diary. I'm not a really neat
person, in fact.... I'm really, really sloppy! Just check
out my room, I'm knee-deep in junk! (seriously!) Well
anyways, I'm saying Dear Chelle (Shell-ee) because that's
your nickname Michelle, and I decided to write in this
diary for a very long time, and then give you the password
to unlock it. It'll be like telling you everything that's
ever happed in the whole day! Instead of writing notes this
will be SO much easier! This is a pretty wimpy "1st entry"
and the 1st entrys are supposed to be long and real
interesting! Oh well, I feel pretty weird writing this, I
don't really do things like diarys! I can only hope to get
to what, entry number four?!?!?! I thought about using alta
vista babelfish and writing in French, but that would take
forver to translate! Nothing much happened today... I'm
just really tired! *yawns* Oh yeah, I'm going to tell you
to go to It's the Nose Brotherhood
website! Oh yeah, maybe I'd better explain what that is.
First off, The Noze Brotherhood is a Secret
Orginization.... nobody knows who's involved! They have
been an orginization for about 50 yrs now! Incase you are wondering,
they are at Baylor, which is a college. See, my Dad went there, when
he was a freshman he was hearing a lot about these "Noze Brothers"
and he hadn't seen them, because they only have about... 10 or 12
people in it.