.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-10-03 20:56:36 (UTC)

Is a Song better if it really happened

why do i push my self away from clint, why. FUCKIN WHY, it
makes me mad, it makes me think that i dont know how to
handle friendships and relationships, i hate this, i hate
that we argue about rediculously stupid thigns cause i dont
know how to not let stupid stuff get to me, though it
prolly doenst get to me at all, its all psychosamatic, or
wahtever, shouldnt have emailed him last night, and i
shouldnt have been bitchy this morning, but i was, and he
says i ruined his day, well fuck clint, i fuckin ruined his
day, thats horrible, make me feel WORSE why dont you, god i
wanna cry, i dont even know this boy, and im already
pushing my self away, maybe im afraid we'll actually become
good friends, and i guess that scares me a little, maybe i
should just grow the fuck up and stop acting like an 8 year
old and handle a friend ship, i thought about calling him a
little while ago, though i dnt want to get zac invovled,
though i already did by discussing this stuff with him, so
whatever, im not going to call him, thats a bad idea. how
can he say i ruined his day, didnt he think that MAYBE i
was a little upset too, that maybe i was hurt and angry,
god dammit, i hate boys, so why is this making me cry