keeping my hands in the air
2001-10-03 20:52:05 (UTC)


*sigh...i've gotten very little sleep ever since school's
started...i swear, i'm gonna end up in the hospital becuz
of all this's way too much for me to, nothin much has been goin
on...along w/ the school stress, i've got my guy probs to
deal w/ and some friend probs, i'm not mad at
her, it's just that i'm so totally losin respect for her
becuz of the way she's acting and treating these
guys...more on that later--i don't really feel like writing
bout them right now...well, as for the guy problems, all of
my stress is cuz of corey...i dunno what i'm gonna do bout
him...he just has this real special place in my heart and i
don't think that's gonna change for awhile...well that's
bout it for my drab sad


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