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2001-10-03 20:51:04 (UTC)

Dan and the weekend

Well its been awhile since i have wrote well its because of
dan! well first off i will tell you about my weekend.
friday night was so much fun i went to a couple of frat
party's ot was cool though because randy asked me to go to
pikappa phi and thats were he hangs out on the weekends!
they were having mardi gras i earned 6 beads 3 i asked for
three i gave small kisses for not makeout
love my terms sometimes i am such a dork. well then we went
to alpha chi rho The crows and i spent the rest of my time
there. it was fun i meet a boy named jack and we kissed a
couple of times and that was it. okay then on saterday me
and randy and jason went to find a party and of couse it
was dead which was cool because i was in this weird pissed
of mood and i don't know we watched true romances it
was so good and once again i got props for liking it! well
now lets skip sunday because well itss sunday! monday i
went to andreas and she took me down to her friends room
and well lets say we all got abit tipsy and i made out with
dan well dan has girl back home and well i don't know it is
so much better to have what we have now we hung out and did
the same again last night if your wondering but anyways i
like it because there is no chance for a relationship and
everything will be fine i will be happy. i hate them too
many bad things happen well thats it but the bad thing is
is his best friend is mad at him. real mad but dan really
doesn't care and the rest of the roomies are like go talk
to her and supporting it. its fun well thats it. and i do
feel bad for the girl but sometimes you have to do what you
do i need to be happy to plus i know him and her dont have
sex she is a virgin plus its only been 3 months thats not
much well i don't know am i a bad person for this?