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Trixies in the Wind
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2001-10-03 20:29:14 (UTC)


Whats up? Sorry Ive been neglecting you... just so much
has been goin on. Mom was being stupid and wouldnt let us
online so I called my sister and talked to her for awhile,
then I called matt. I like talking to matt. He IS SO
CUTE! I love his voice... who am i kidding I love
everything about him!!! Yeah.

All this crap at school is like, grr. Yeah.

I emailed daddy. I havent talked to him in months. I
asked him why he was marrying leigh ann. He gave some
response like he wants someone to love blah blah balh.
Basically he wants a friend he can sleep with at night.
What I dont get is why her. Why the three more kids. Oo.
They were bothing praying to find someone. Oo. What a
coincidence. So are millions of other people. But im
going to try not to judge him... to be nice about this...
not cynical like I usually am. Lol. Yeah. But uhm, yeah.

Lisa is coming Friday!!! HURRAY!!! I love my lisa. Shes
like, the coolest ever. She isnt crazy, shes normal, shes
like me, rational and normal. Well... as normal as it
gets. Im normal to me. Everyone else is wierd.

JROTC has made me not afraid of the spotlight. I still am
a little, but not really that much. When I was a lil kid I
didnt talk unless i was around my family, or my friends.
Out in public, nope. I was quiet. Dead quiet. I still am
shy... lol. I dont really like to be noticed... i like to
be just, there. I mean, I like to know im loved, and that
people care about me, I just dont wanna be in the spotlight
all the time. I dont like alot of attention unless i want
it, unless its a person I want it from. If its not, i get
scared, adn then my whole world gets all messed up. *grr
steven* But he knows i love matt and nothing is going to
happen. So there. Or something. Mom took me saying im
goign to school in NY the wrong way.


Well, ya all know who i love. ;)