Ignorant Bliss
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2001-10-03 20:27:20 (UTC)

I'm Back

Well back in June I started writing in this Journal, but it
didn'tlast long, it was the beginning of summer so i just
forgot about it, but nw that school is back i have decided
i would give it another go around, i think i might just
write on a more consistent basis now, lets hope.

I beleive that i have many thoughts and sometime it is best
to write and sometime it just helps straighten out what you
might be thinking, again lets hope it does. I can be a
very confused guy sometimes, always changing why thoughts
and what i think about something.

You know, i think i might just enjoy my senior year.
things are starting t pick up little, i am going to work
on havng a blast this last year in my little town. My make
i a drag?? I know that probably no one will ever ever read
any of my entires but in some glimmer of hope that someone
out there in the far away takes a glance at an entry,
please feel free to just write a little message my way,
even if it is just saying hi.

So many things to say and no time to say, well i suppose
there is lots of time to write so no use trying to get
everyting out now. Anyways i have to go gt ready for a
butt kickin in water polo now. Lates.