Life in the Making
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2001-10-03 20:16:21 (UTC)

Being carful

Well, Charles had a talk with me last night about my diary.
He said I have to watch what I write or people will start
to hate me and they will be conflicts. Maybe there will be.
But I write what I want to write because I'm not afriad to
express myself. If people don't like to know what I think
about them, then they don't have to read it. It's their
choice. I'm just writting my thoughts down. Is that a
crime? I think not. There are things I will refuse to say
(you know who you are so your privavcy is kept) because I'm
not a backstabber and gossip about things my friends don't
want to get out. Remember, these are my thoughts and
opinions. If you can't take them, then don't read them.
It's no ones fault but your own. Yes, maybe I write about
people from Mountasia for the entertainment of all those
who care to read what I have to say, but entertaining
people is my profession. I'm not a writer for nothing. I
write because I want to entertain people with my stories
and ideas. And it keeps things interesting without going

What I said about Tim- and how I sweated him- I did for
fun. I didn't mean any of it, well, maybe some. But I did
it because he told me not to. Do I want him mad at me? No.
I just don't take personal orders like that. I do what I
want to do.

What I said about Emily- yes, its true. The first few days
I knew he I thought she was a bitch, but then I really got
to know her and found out she wasn't. Emily is like one of
my favorite peons at work. I feel as if I can tell her

What I said about Jen- there's nothing to say. Read the
entry and you'll know.

What I said about Vanessa- Who cares? I talk crap about her
all the time. She's my best friend. We go that to each
other all the time. That's why we're such good friends.