The UnEven Eye
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2001-10-03 20:00:11 (UTC)


This boring. I mean it. No one has a life. All these
people spend so much time on the net. How? This just
pisses me off. No life fuckers. To think I used to be
like that. Oh well, not everyone can figure this stuff
out. takes them time.

Despite boring, I'm taking on a third job. Three whole
jobs. Thats pathetic you know that? I'm poor, like real
poor. People think they are poor, I think they lost it.
Oh well.

I think I will go this, is too long on the net. I mena I
don't like no on, They amounted to only disturb me,
and make me madder than I am, at the world.

Well maybe they can leave me alone. Hopefully? No, never.
Lol thats what so great in this world of ours.

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