That's Youth
2001-10-03 19:36:26 (UTC)

good-bye weedey

well, the next day, saturday, he called me and invited me
back to theta xi for a cook out, so i went and i brought
kelly and teresa, and u wouldn't believe who i fuckin saw
there! mike, the guy i had sex with, well he was flirtin
with kelly big time, but i didn't care b/c i was with
weedey, we just hung out, and made out a little and had a
good time, but i had to leave early b/c we were goin to
swim house, but that was pretty uneventful, nothing really
happened, so we went back to theta xi around 12, there was
weedey sittin in the chair, i went over and sat on his lap
and we talked for awhile, but he went hope early b/c he was
tired, but he invited me over the next day to watch a
movie. I went over around 11:30, we didn't watch a movie,
but we kissed a lot and i gave him a back rub, it started
out so good, but somewhere something went wrong, we started
talking, ya know, getting to know u talk, and he said i
seemed blah at one point, that was mean as hell, and then
he called me a freak b/c i have pink hair, and he asked me
if i wanted to sleep there, but then he wanted me to sleep
on the couch!!!! i sadi maybe i should just go home, and he
said it would be wrong for us to sleep in the sme bed when
we hardley know each other, so i just told him to take me
home, he gave me a hug good bye, and when i asked if he was
gonna call he said yeah........sometime. whatever, that was
that i guess, oh yeah ang guess what?!?! his beautiful
green eyes rnt even real,they're contacts! so whatever
weedey doesn't like me, thats fine ill live im sure! i came
into my room that night around 2, i IMed matt and went down
to tell him my story and then i went to bed.

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