Diary of A Teenage Girl
2001-10-03 18:22:00 (UTC)

The Beginning

I've wanted to keep a diary for a while now, but I like ppl
to read it, but I don't like people I know to read it, so I
thought an online diary would be ideal.

I'm not really sure where to begin, so I'll just give a
summary of my life up until now. I'll warn you now though,
that it isn't really that interesting because I'm a pretty
average teenager;

I was born on April 10th 1985, in Herantals Hospital,
Herentals, Belgium. I have no idea how long I lived in
Belgium for, but I then moved to Germany, through the years
I lived in places called, Herford, Rheindahlen, and Hameln.
I lived in a flat in Hameln, from when I was four until I
was 5, and then when I was 5 we moved to a different part,
where we stayed until I was 7. My Dad was in the army, so
we had to move about a lot. I lived with my mum, dad, older
brother and older sister. I loved my skool, which was
English, but I was always bullied by a small group of boys.
It was nothing physical, just mental. Then when I was about
7, my best friend turned round and decided she didn't like
me. I was very upset, so when we were told we were moving
to England that August I was very excited.

We moved to England that summer, with my brother and
sister, and two budgies, and moved into a small 3 bedroomed
house in North Yorkshire. It was a nice house, just a bit
small, and I was terrified of the dog next door to me.
Whilst we were living in that house my parents bought me a
dog for my birthday, a golden labrador called Tommy. We had
to change his name though, because we already had a budgie
called Tommy, and a week later when he got used to being
called Monty, that budgie unfortunately died. It was the
first experience with death I had been old enough to
understand, and was a little upset by it, after all, he was
mine and my brother's budgie.

We had to move to an army estate across the road from the
school I was going to and stayed there until I was 10. It
was all fun in the beginnning, but in year 4 my best friend
and I went our separate ways, and she started hanging
around with a girl who didn't like me. I can't remember how
or why, but that girl eventually became my best friend in
year 5!! She was called Jenny, and we did everything
together, until one day, she decided I was too bossy and
refused to talk to me. I was gutted. I already knew I was
moving house at the end of year 5, but I was still upset.
History was repeating itself, and she, and he new friends
bullied me for the last couple of months I was at school

I moved to another house in Yorkshire, and attended a
school, which I won't name, for the headmaster used to hit
the children and make the class shout at us. I told my mum
I didn't like him, but she told me to stop being silly
because it was only for one year. I was soo happy when I
left that school, and I don't speak to any of my "friends"
from that school anymore, except one who attends the same
high school as me.

I began my high school, and enjoyed it very much, until
year nine when a group of popular girls and boys, called
me "vile" and "minging" and thrw things at me in lessons. I
hated it so much. It became so bad,m that I ended up taking
my anger out by cutting my arms, and I wanted to kill
myself, but when I tried to, I couldn't stop thinking of my
best friend since year 7. I loved her. Eventually, in year
11, before I took my GCSE's, some of my friends who were
now popular convinced them that I was a nice person, and
the bullying stopped. Last summer I took my GCSE's and this
is what I got:

English Language B
English Literature B
Science C
Science C
Mathematics B
German C
Child Development A
Business Studies D
Food Technology C

This year I have stayed on at the sixth form college, to
study, A single award GNVQ in Health and social care, AS
level Biology, AS level Enhlish language, and GCSE Spanish.

My next entry will be about my life in sixth form so far,
so keep reading :) K