Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2001-10-03 18:12:20 (UTC)

Red Wine & Candle Wax...

Red wine, today I am marinating chicken in it... with a bit
of balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, basil, garlic, italian
seasoning and pepper... I don't know if I will chop it up
and throw it into my wok or not, I have green, red,
orange and purple peppers, I have red onions, white
onions, and tomatoes... Could go well with either rice,
or spaghetti...Or maybe I will just fry the chicken breast I
got and throw some creamed corn on the side..
speaking of sides, I am thinking of making a roasted
tomato soup, with a cheese baked layer on top...


I have no one to eat it with me tho, I miss having
someone to cook for... my ex, and in fact all my ex's
have loved my cooking... I must admit to enjoy cooking,
I don't actually let anyone in my kitchen, except if they
are guys, specifically if thier one of my 3 friends, Gord,
Rick and Norm, they like rumaging through my fridge,
they like the middle shelf, with all the alcohol I have,
and the freezer where I keep my stash of chocolate
bars.. I don't like anyone else in my fridge, esp. my ex,
or any girl/woman I am dating, or who happen to be my
friends, although I let Jamie go through it, she cooks
much better than I...I think I am a bit of a sexist in that
regard.. women, should not be allowed in the kitchen..
My recent ex burned water, I don't know how tho... I
would ask her to do the dishes all the time, I hate doing
dishes, and I figure, because I cook, why not....

Ah well..

I finally managed to get a job today, making $9.25 an
hour, part time.. with school, thats nice, I'll be able to
pay my rent.. but I have to get up at 6am every saturday
morning.. poor baby, I can hear all my friends telling
me.. Aw, got to get up out of bed in the morning... I hate
waking up before 9am any day of the week... doesn't
matter what day it is... shit doth happen... I used to have
a job where I would get up at 4am every mon-fri, and I
would work until 11:30 or so.. get home sleep, and
wake up around 5pm, stay up until midnight doing what
ever... used to drive me nuts.... thank god I don't have to
wear a tie...

Sigh, Bloody Sigh

I am bored out of my mind... I have no pepsi, no pizza,
and no rye bread to make toast out of.... I have no
money to go and get these things.. well, thats not
entirely true, I have a glass container filled with
pennies, maybe i will spend an hour or so rolling them..
hey thats not a bad idea... I shoudl study too, japanese
is becoming much harder than I thought it would be...
learning Kanji is very hard... But I will get there... i
should be studing for my midterm next week in psyche,
be a good plan...


Lux et umbra vicissim, sed semper amor....