Squeeb's world
2001-10-03 17:37:29 (UTC)

Update on the Overagers

Ok, so it looks as the over-age situation for the Petes is
finally settled. Rodman was sent back to the Petes by the
Bruins which would have meant we'd have the 4 over-ager
problem. However, he has decided that he's going to return
to his home country, Slovenia to play pro hockey. You know
part of me is sad because he's a really good player but in
all honesty, my biggest feeling is a huge sense of relief. I
am glad that he wants to go home because is he had of stayed
here, it would have been Kurtis that had to leave and I'm so
not up for that. I would have cried for sure. So now our
overagers are set: Brad, Dusty and Kurtis. NOw they can go
and name the captains. I'm ready! (=
Current mood: relieved
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