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2001-10-03 15:58:19 (UTC)

Ah oui, j'ai devenir de creer un bon "link" a cet "site"

Busy wasting time on the net, subconsious frantically
inventing excuses for not doing work tonight, like Haven't
updated diary and Haven't spoken to Toby for a day now,
gosh isn't it exciting. I'm also going to blag some flour
and cheeze (yes, I know its an 's' really but I like
the 'z') off of the cooks, I want to make pasta & cheezy
sauce this evening with breadsticks, ooh aren't I
Anyways I've also lost one of my English books, so I'm
completely fucked until I find the bloody thing, actually
I'm sure (for once) that I haven't lost it, I have a
sneaking suspicion someone's taken it from my room,
sorry, 'borrowed' it from my room. Hmmmmmm. *puts on
deerstalker and picks up magnifying glass*
Yes hmm well other than that I think I'll phone Toby
earlier tonight, I mean we only got to talk for ooh, 20
mins last night, and I didn't get to watch any Disney
*sob*. Anyways Will report later, if can be bothered to go
on internet again. Should probably do work. Ho hum.

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