random mumblings
2001-10-03 15:17:27 (UTC)


well i woke up *late* today and wednesday is bus day but i
wanted to write some stuff so here i am. tomorrow is
laundry day tomorrow...no joke. i'm wearing underwear
that's so ripped i may as well be wearing a thong :p i'm
joking but you get the point. apparently i'll be getting a
raise sometime at work because raises kick in at the start
of the quarter and the quarter is starting up...whatever
that means. so i may have more $$$...i was chatting with
my brotehr on the net yesterday and it was good...talking
about basketball, etc. just so the record shows, i think
that jordon is gonna suck ass in his return. i'm
sooooooooo broke until tomorrow...and hungry :) i think
i've lost weight again...i'm gonna have to buy a scale (or
ask for one for christmas) ;) i called up MCs roommate,
patricia, who said she knew of a deal where they had deals
on insulin...well that was about 2 weeks ago and i'm almost
down so i have to either a) pick up insulin at full price
or b) get this shit figured out...well i'm late as hell...
just enough time to educate the masses on good music :) i
was gonna put up starla today, but i forgot until now...and
this is a good song too :) btw,
http://www.badlydrawnboy.co.uk is a well-designed
website...i like it...i particularly *dislike* how all the
lyrics are jpegs so you can't just cut and paste...so as a
disclaimer, all the spelling mistakes below are mine and
have nothing to do with badly drawn boy :)

here is my kick-ass song of the day
another pearl - badly drawn boy
why are you trembling so much
i don't think i ever felt so good
when all i need is to be free
where i love you and you love me
follow the circle sur la plage
on a mono coloured trip voyage
this is the colour of my world
stay and watch me find another pearl

follow the gold leaf trail back where
we were young and didn't have a care
tracing the circles that we made
i don't wanna live life in the shade
will this be a desert or a beach
or a place to find the things we need

now you and i make up perfect things
watch me trade my wheels for wings
but don't ever use the wings to fly
just the essence of a lullaby
now i am a giant grain of sand
but i maybe slipping through your hand
follow my colour coded world
and i watch me find another pearl

it's a sound that i love
and it came from above
there's the sound of the sea
are you following me?

let's walk to the sound of distant shells
to a place where life would have no end
you'd be the mother of my pearls
if you follow me into my world
back to a place where we'd be free
wherei love you and you love me
this is the colour of my world
watch me find another pearl

badly drawn boy kicks ass...it's a little more "artistic"
than most of the rock and rap i listen to but i still like
it :)