2001-10-03 14:46:55 (UTC)

1 year

Its been one year since i spoke to Nevile, i opened a chat
with him today, not sure what to find or what to say, but
he was there as he always is, i think that has made me
realize alot, i never stopped loving him and i know i nver
will, now i just have to figure out how he feels and what
the hell i'm going to do about it, i want him in my life i
always have but how am i suppose to do that and keep him
and my kids safe a the same time.
The school called me this morning while i was chating with
Neville and Alyssa had fallen off the moonkey bars and
banged up her chin, she is going to be ok, just bruised a
bit, i think i would have chatted with Neville all morning
if it wasn't for the school calling.
I guess i better go now and write Neville a short email
letting him know that Alyssa is ok, or he will be worried.