2001-03-01 13:14:32 (UTC)

Well, i haven t written in here..

Well, i haven't written in here for ages. i've just had
half term!!! it was so boring i had nothing to do for a
whole week, but it was a nice boredom. id rather be bored
at home than at school, especially in business lesson.
this morning the worst thing happened to me that could
EVER happen to a teenager... my mum told me she was coming
up to the school to see my teacher about how i'm doing in
school. that wouldn't be so bad if i was a BOFFIN. but i'm
not so i might be some more s*** when i get home. i'm
allready in s*** up to my neck thanks to my brother. i told
my mum that my boyfriend was 16 (but he's not, hes 18) and
then my brother wanted to know about him and it turned out
that my brother knows someone with the same name. i told my
brither that my karl was 16 but my brother said that the
karl he knew was 18, which shocked me as the karl i know is
actually 18. if my brother told my mum that my boyfriend
was really 18 she would surely kill me. so, me being me and
taking my life into my own hands i told her myself. and she
did go mad. she said i couldn't see him anymore, he can't
come over and i'm grounded for lying to her. an hour later
my brother phones up and says it's not the same karl he
knows. so i went trough all that for nothing. i don't care
what my mum, or dad, says i'm still going to see him. and
karl can't come over to my house then i'll just have to go
to his.
so if my mum finds out im not doing well at school then
i'm going to be murdered when i get home.
luv lauren