Mismatched thoughts of a Virgo
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2001-10-03 08:16:29 (UTC)

No Topic

No topics suck, but it gives you a much much broader
horizen to walk write on. I can write that my brother is a
slob leaving every light in the house on, the T.V., the
playstation that he pulled out of the area we used and a
ton of papers that he dumped on the floor for who knows
what reason...

Also if you knew someone and they said they wanted to be
your boyfreind and you talked over the phone alot and then
the person says "I dont think we can go out, I just cant
afford to call you everyday maybe weekly but not this, and
we have to meet in real life before going out" its kinda
like what the hell? i mean im the one that called you and
your other state and charged over $20 to a bill and is
going to get killed for it, it was you who called for 5
mins and if for any longer used a calling card, sure you
called for an hour or two once, but ive called you like 20
times so its my money that i dont have thats in the line
and i dont have that money so my mom has to pay and im
going to be killed.... i need a job... damn fast food
places... i put in applications and no one has called
back... im gonna die!!!

Why is it also that people stick with other humans most are
lying scumbags... and a dog is so much more pure, and
nicer, and loyal and doesnt care what you do as long as you
scratch behind his ears...

I need a dog... a big rot that will bite people im angry at
and that i can cuddle with...

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