Wading in insomnia
2001-10-03 06:16:19 (UTC)

been awhile

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

2:01 AM

So it’s been awhile. Oddly nothing much has happened.
Haven’t gotten much work done in painting because I’m
constantly going home on weekends, for one reason or
another, and that’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be
stopping soon. I have to go home yet again this weekend to
take pictures for my photo class. The weekend after that
is the Pernice Brother’s concert I want to go to, so I’ll
have to head home for that. I’m starting to get rolling a
little in painting, it looks as though I’ll be doing a
series of self portraits, which is odd cause I’ve never
been a huge fan of how I look. Had to take my camera into
Best Buy and exchange that shit. It was a bit of a hassle
and I ended up having to pay an extra 74 bucks for a better
model, kinda pissed me off. Saw the cute Meijer girl twice
last weekend while home. Still didn’t talk to her, which
is a shame cause she’s cute but liked I’d know what to
say. “All I want now, is happiness for you and me…” I got
head from two girls at once last weekend as well. It was
pretty horrible. The experience completely ruined one of
my biggest fantasies, it’ll never be the same now, it made
me feel like I did the first time I found out Santa Claus
wasn’t real, complete devastation. Haven’t gone to my
boring IAH class lately, I should probably hit that up
tomorrow simply because I can’t afford to fail another
class. This was going to be the year I got my shit
together finally and stop that whole not going to class
thing. I’ve been having doubts about my major lately. I’m
not sure why but lately I’ve doubted my ability as an
artist and whether or not I should just say fuck it and go
and be a lowly art teacher in some high school in some lil
town somewhere. I still got this year to ponder over my
futureless-future. I have photo at 8 am which means I need
to be up in less then 6 hours, not fun. I’m supposed to
hang out with Paul later on tonight, we’ll see if that
happens, if so it’ll mean I’ll have to clean up the room
since it’s a fuckin’ mess. I’ve decided not to go home on
Thursday’s like usual, since I never do anything then
anyways, I figured I’ll just spend the night in the studio
painting my ass off and then head home sometime Friday.
I’m hoping to be back by mid-afternoon on Sunday since
that’s the day of a gallery opening for one of my
professor’s and I’d like to check that out. Eh I think I’m
done with this for now. I should at least try and sleep.