g ir l nex t d o or

Fire Lillies H2O
2001-10-03 05:55:12 (UTC)

A Day

I am feeling more at ease today which is good. I am finally
realizing I can take teh time to breath and what is
important in all of this. I can do it.
I am so positive some times. Usually right before I fall
off the deep end. Oh, good.

Dan's thinking about moving in with a girl. I am not happy
about it. I could think of many reasons why. Most of it is
probably just jealousy. I mean why not me. I am his best
friend. Why her? Why now? Why does he feel the same type of
obligations I feel about people. We get ourselves wrapped
into stupid shit.

I am also a little unnerved about my aunt. I don't know
quite how to put it all together. I think I will just let
it all rest right now. I mean even pitbulls can bite their
owners. Mean people are mean people, and no one knows when
they will decide to lash out.

Those are the stressful bits in my life!!
Not too bad. I do feel like I can start to breathe.

I finally bought bedroom furniture. I still need a bed. I
found one I like, but still have to get the money together.
I want to go all out. You know with egg crates, down
comforter, the whole deal. That will be nice.
I feel focused. Almost over focused though. I...

I need to go Dan just stopped by..
I don't know why. He didn't call first.
That can't be good?

The girl next door.