Home Ice World
2001-10-03 02:43:55 (UTC)

The lies made my friend away from me - she is near from eyes far from heart

Today I couldn't do the things I wanted. Some events void
things I would do today. I almost did nothing today. But
my experience made me to do the most possible. In a day
after rainy day and night the city towns are in brownouts.
I was in a tier I was in a dream last night. I was late
when I think the dream showed me that anything today would
be void. So I let tier and go to my last appointment.
And did it very well. It taught me that a dream about
standing in a tier doesn't mean anything will be void in
day. But most things will be later and it is good to let
some appointments for another day. And place the late
appointment of day. I did my treatment of oriental therapy.
It was the last appointment and others events was so late.
I didn't lost all things to do today because my experience
saved the last appointment. The other ones was so late
because of yesterday rain and brownouts. If I still had
tried to do the first or second appointment of day neither
the last I would do.
My friend Carol I saw her so far but she tried to talk to
even her ex or retied boyfriend by her side. He is more
carefull about the behavior after she send him to pass.
My heartbroken friend Mel is with her boyfriend that one
some neighbour girl gave her. I discovered he is with her
because told him she was easy girl. Because my enemies say
my friends are not really friends. I was with an anger.
Not about broken heart not about any people but what they
did with my friend. I think she needs my help better than
all days. I promissed or made a wish in past why worst
things happen. Why we couldn't help or void it. I guess
God give me the canner to do it. I think if I was not there
all days and all nights since february of year if thinks
would be more worst they are now. I've supported my friends
when they needed someone to just a company of to push the
dreams. I was there even every false friends or enemies
made my friends cry and go away from me. I was there when
my friends didn't want me for a friend for a week because
of rumours. I wasn't with them in any party any birthday
but I was there when they are sad worried or crying.
I'm not the Angel guardian of them but it is pushing me.
I would like to be myself all me to do anythings I could
only in my dreams and use my super sensitivity to get
with friends and make their lifes as better they deserved.
Tomorrow is a new day and I am translating some homework
for Mel. I believe she doesn't act so well as she could
because of hadn't much emotional support. Not only by
do homework for her but because it will tell to her heart
someone really minds about her. It could recover her from
lonely streets.
God Thank you for trying to make me happy again.