2001-10-03 05:31:46 (UTC)

no peace

the heat is embodied in my mind. i am convulsing into a
state of disillusionment as i speak nothing, hear nothing,
and see nothing. but i know all. why must these words be
trapped? inside of me to live. but never escape. why is it
when i move my lips no words come out but my actions do
make a statement. i move around like a wild beast to show
that the world is in chaos. as a war is in the midst of it
all. as a war brings violence to our lives. as the peace is
no longer there. the heat must have gotten to us all
because although my eyes cannot make out anything i can
picture red in my mind. and as i try to figure out why i
imagine red i realize that instead of red it is blood all
over my face. and i am now dead. like peace i no longer