lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-10-03 05:24:28 (UTC)

kickball & brianna

ok so we had youth group tonight and it was great. i mean,
the message was something i was glad i heard, and a lot of
cool people came. it was all pretty rad. the only bad
thing was that i got a ride home from joe, which is not
bad, but it makes me feel bad and then other people
go, "ooh she got a ride hoooome with hiiim" and that is
really not it. the truth is my mom didn't want to pick me
up, and joe had room in his car. i'm sorry kids. there
isn't always a motive.

my body is aching...i am so sore, but i wish i could run
and this is frustrating. the cool thing is that i have no
doubt there is a reason for it. i am so excited about how
much my faith has grown...i don't doubt God...i guess i'm
curious at times, but it's so cool to be able to have peace
and sit back and let it happen.

oh yeah...i called zach today. i don't know what's going
to happen with that...i honestly didn't think about it
until i got home and my mom said i needed to call him. so
i called and we talked for a few minutes and he told me he
couldn't come tonight, which is okay because it's okay.
and then brianna got on the phone and told zach he needed
to get off so they could call their zach told me
to call him later, and i reminded him that i was going to
youth group so he said he'd see me later. i dunno when. i
wonder what's gonna happen. even if he doesn't ask me to
his homecoming i'll be okay cuz i'm really not stressing
over this, so it's all chill. ahh it's nice to be able to
say that and know i'm not lying.

oh yeah...and about homecoming, i applaud the banana for
her wise choice.