The Chronicles of Ms. Evil
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2001-10-03 04:48:09 (UTC)

Some doodles on paper that might be considered poems by some

Trapped in the bottomless pit of hate
Where my life is not my own
Not drugged, drunk, nor escorted hom by the authorities
And still the trust in me is encapsled in its dark tomb
The beast shall not be haltered
But the beauty shall be hidden
The rain seems as though it shall never cease
But then the Rainbow shows it's smile on a
brand new day.

Look at you, standing there
So helpless, clueless, and dumb
You think you can control it
Think again, just let it happen
You'll never win, not anymore
It's taking over your life
You can't concentrate on anything else
Why are you so concerned about it.
Things run through your mind, plans
They are all wrong and you know it
You'll kill yourself that way
This thing consumes your brain,
takes over you life, finally
Your Gone.

These things in my mind are not to be considered thoughts,
not dreams, nor hopes. They are mememories of what would
have come if I stayed. No longer can I be what you saw me
to be. Don't give up on yourself they said as they chewed
up and spat out your soul. They complicated and destroyed
my life and they are coming after you. They find your joys
nad slowly kill them off, until you are alone and
vulernable. So pick up your bread, gourmat cat food, and
yoru bottled water. you don't have to worry about it, they
won't do that to you. Or are you one of them? If you are,
here's a word for you: STOP FUCKING WITH MY LIFE!

Foolish Child
You've lost touch
With reality, your soul, your mind
You've lost everything
All that is you
And all that was to be you
The game is done
You lost, don't cry.
It happens and you can't do anything
You hear me child, you lost.
Look at yourself
Tear streaked face
running eyeliner, hair a mess.
Pills in hand
take them, take them all
It won't matter.
Your life is in shambles.
If has collapsed at your feet.
You'll waste your time
trying to pick it up
Just remember child
You lost it all.

Don't expect me to cry
At least not in front of you.
For the tears that fall
are not loud and don't
make public appearances ever.
They are silent and lonely.
The only person that shares
in this ritual is green and
wont' ever talk back.
You will never be there
To wipe the tears away.
Either caused by you or another force.
You may never understand,
feelings I do not show,
Are deep shadows in my heart.
If left untreated will scar.
Then I guess what they say is true
I have no heart, to say,
It is all scar tissue.

ahh so i hope i didn't bore you dear diary with all this