Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
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2001-10-03 04:43:39 (UTC)

I Am...

The final poem being revealed is surprisingly the title
piece of my poetry.
The title of the collection is "I Am: An experiment in
Poetry" and this poem is called "I Am". Don't be shy to
comment as this poem has also been published! (yes)

on my site on the whole five poems will be available to be
viewed for free...they are

I am
My Friend
Song of Storms

so enjoy the preview...and now enjoy the poem...
that's all from me
The Mad Scientist

I am

always and always
in my head
it never stops
me to create
never let it die
my eternal flame
endless thoughts
creating life
and music
by no powers of the sun and moon
but from the gifts I have
and I shall press on and on
till the end of my days
creating new life
and relighting the flame
tapping in and tapping out
never having a doubt
for I am...